How Radiation is killing us ?

What is EMF also Known as Electro Magnetic Field .

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a type of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from virtually everything electrical and electronic in our modern world — Power lines, Transformers, Electrical Panels, Building wiring, Computers, Lights, Clocks, Appliances, Televisions, Hairdryers, Cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, Wireless Routers and other devices, TV/Radio/Cell towers, etc.   

In general, the term "EMF" is used to refer to the wide range electromagnetic frequencies slower than visible light, called "non-ionizing" radiation.  (In contrast, the frequencies faster than visible light including x-rays and nuclear radiations, are much more dangerous and are called "ionizing" radiation.) 

Cell Phones ,Wifi , Mobile Tower , High Tension Wires , Electronic Gadgets , Microwaves ,Laptops … Emits Radiation which is Harmful for Health.

Harmful Effects of Radiation on Human Body

Genetic Damage in Blood Cells Increased Occurrence of Limphoma
Reduced FertilityIncreased Risk of DNA Damage
Nervous System Damage Lung Cancer
Damage to Internal OrgansLoss of Calcium
Skin disease ( Redness & Burning )Liver
Ear & Tinnitus Damage – Damage Delicate Working of the Inner Ear.Bone Marrow – Leads to Leukaemia & other Immune System Diseases
Thyroid GlandsPancreas
Frequent HeadachesEar Tumours
Reproductive SystemColon Cancer
 StomachBreast Cancer
Loss of ConcentrationSpleen
Weakening of Bones Kidneys
Palpitation of the HeartLens of Eyes – Cataract (Visual Disorders)
Brain - Neurological Diseases (Alzheimer’s Motor Neuron & Parkinson’s )Children Mostly at Risk .- skulls are smaller & thinner ,Radiation Absorption is High
Kneecap Lymph Glands
EsophagusBuzzing in the Head
30% to 50% Sperm Decrease & Damage of SpermsAltered Reflexes
Blood Circulatory System Hair Loss ,Vomiting Diarrhoea
Pregnant WomanForgetful Memory

Suppression Melatonin Production – Leads to arthritis ,Miscarriage , Increased eye Stress, Renal Impairment Chronic Fatigue ,Depression , Childhood Leukaemia , Sleep Disturbance , Cardiac Problems.

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Science has Proved that Volcanic Soil & Environment has High amount of Negative Ions & Scalar Energy .

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Excretory system is related with removal of toxins in body. Malfunctioning of the system cause accumulation of these toxins in the body, resulting into serious disorders such as kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, psoriasis, hypertension, diabetes and so on which leads to death. Therefore to remain healthy and happy, one needs to take extra care of this system. 

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